Our services are inspired by current issues and needs of players in logistics industry in a continuing disruption of a shared economy business model:

  • Same day delivery with demanding minimum disturbances.
  • Seeking for the highest service quality and tightest control of the Last Mile costs with on-line high visibility of shipping status.
  • Our Milefast approach and methodology assist local public government authorities to balance and reduce the transportation development crisis of the city and promote regional economic growth.
  • Economic uncertainty give people pause: Governments and business struggle to find a clear economic path, while people are learning to depend on each other to be self-sufficient in a shared economy.
  • Our Milefast technology platform powers companies and people to be self-empowered.
  • People are becoming like companies- bypassing traditional corporate models.
  • Our Milefast solution works in conjunction with and compensate the last mile delivery solutions of the big companies that are bounded by traditional business model and are slow to change to the new market demands.

    Our Milefast answers to the new market that desires a change for business methods:

    The old way:
    1. Maximize profit
    2. Global marketplaces
    3. Standardize offerings
    4. Slow delivery of goods with low visibility of shipment
    5. Passive customers
    The new way:
    1. Purposeful brand to empower people, to reduce transportation issue in any growing major US metropolitan cities, and to increase social responsibility
    2. Localization to assist the local economic growth. Our solution utilizes local market delivery resources to deliver goods and services trumps at the last mile issue and compensate the delivery of global solution
    3. Personalized goods and services (no longer one size fits all)
    4. On-demand means that real time matters with high visibility of shipment status. Our technology platform includes but not limited to location-based apps, mobile devices, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) speeds and enhance current local delivery on-demand
    5. Companies and people working together to leverage under-utilized and shared assets to make, deliver and share services
    6. Empowered local business and people. With our Milefast platform, the local people become like a company, getting what they need from each other and bypassing inefficient last mile solutions from large companies and institutions. The crowd functions on our Milefast platform like a conglomerate powerful company. They connect with each other instantly to provide services using social networks and technologies of our Milefast platform

    Milefast provides an open logistics platform that uses powerful social data, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobile apps, smart phones, drones, electric vehicles (EV), autonomous vehicles (AV), Robot Delivery to enable companies and self-empowered people to share assets (such as bikes, cars, trucks, drones, EV, AV, storage spaces, etc.) and to provide logistics last mile services to others in a most efficient and economic way.

    Advancement such as these help to bring products closer to consumers, increasing the flexibility and adaptability of distribution network.